developed in the world cup

For a long time we were concerned about why the anti-punctures on the market smelled strongly of ammonia, damaging our tires and became something similar to water with a bad smell inside the tire, damaging it and not doing the job. it should.

We also thought about why that wax that we put on the chain, some left it pasty and did not lubricate enough and others in the first puddle of water had been left behind.

We also thought about why the valves that we installed in our carbon wheels lost air.

After more than a year of research we have manufactured the perfect product for your bike rides without surprises. Winning the best World Cup events and being world champions in the U23 category, on a circuit where the biggest bikers were forced to change wheels due to several punctures, our liquid together with Vlad Dascalu has proven to be at the height it deserves .


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